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As a self employed photographer I am in charge of my own development and learning and I love to learn! I have followed Rob Dight ( Epic Love Photography) for quite a few years and when I saw that he was finally putting on a workshop I knew I had to sign up. Rob's work is incredible, it oozes connection, movement and most definitely gives you the feels. 

 Rob opened his home for the attendees and from the moment we stepped into his house it was very apparent that this was going to be an amazing day. It was a really casual relaxed atmosphere but jam packed with information and tools to dig deep and broaden our skills. To say that Rob is great craic is an understatement , his personality and outlook on life is so encouraging and inspiring, by they time we were all set to head of to the live couple shoot we were buzzing! 

 We took the short trip to Portmuck to meet our couple, who were actually the most amazing, carefree people ever! The best thing about these two is that it's undeniable that they are madly in love with each other, we were treated to so many giggles, loved up looks and beautifully intimate moments. 

 Thank you Rob, Avril, Jonathan and all the other photographers I got to shoot alongside on the day! 


Check out the gallery below! 

Are you an adventurous couple madly in love? I would love to go exploring with you and capture the adventure! Get in touch to book your session!