Hi! I’m Christin

( say Christine, its a long story but I’ll gladly tell you about it over a cuppa!).


My love of capturing moments between people is what got me into wedding photography. I studied Photography at university and I am also a qualified Art teacher. I’ve been a freelance portrait photographer for over 10 years, the fast paced, emotive world of weddings is so very addictive! After losing my dad in 2016, photos have become ever more important to me and taken an even bigger role in my life. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to capture life’s moments for others to treasure forever.

When I'm not photographing weddings or loved up couples you will find me continuing to follow and adventure with couples as they journey through the next stages in life and grow their families! All things Newborn and Family related are over on  www.thesnugsessions.com


Hi! I'm Gareth

otherwise referred to as "Mr Beardy".

When not photographing weddings I am the the Display coordinator for Anthropologie Belfast. Growing up I always had a camera in my hand as my father owned a photography business, so joining Christin on this adventure was an easy decision. I studied Fine & Applied art at University with Christin specialising in Printmaking ( she actually bought one of my prints 5 Years before we even started dating!). I revel in switching on my super stealth mode to capture all the moments you might have missed out on or not even realised were happening, getting alternative angles and following your partner's journey on the day from prep to throwing shapes on the dance floor. 


Thats us running through the hills of glencoe in our wedding gear!



we’ve only gone and made a small person!

We are excited to say that baby Martin will be joining our tribe in March 2020

the martins baby due march 2020


Since our first date we have pretty much done everything together, working together came really naturally to us and we make a pretty badass team!   We live in Belfast with our two Maine Coons, Mr Marshall Bravestarr & Zelda Puff ( you can come over and snuggle the kitties if you like!). Creativity runs through our lives with Gareth using his skills to add bespoke pieces to our house and building custom props and furniture for couples on their wedding day, although Christin is still waiting on that wardrobe.... 

We love a good gin, creative swearing, collecting tattoos, sitting around the fire pit listening to old tunes and letting our hair down when we can. We're big kids at heart and still get excited when one of us brings a kinder egg home! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are big believers in surrounding ourselves in love, positivity and having a good time


Our style of photography comes from the heart and sits in a little pocket between Alternative, Fine Art and Documentary/Lifestyle. Christin focuses on the couple portraits and details, while Gareth revels in the documentary approach to capturing your day.  Its honest, authentic and fun with a deep focus on colour and composition. We always like to get a little creative when capturing images so you might find us holding random objects in front of the lens... trust us there is method to the madness! We document your day as it happens naturally, add some creative twists to your portraits and let you get on with having the best day ever. 



We live for the real people. Fun couples who are laid back and don’t take themselves too seriously. We love details, alternative venues, rockin’ after dos, adventurous couples, tattoos, bearded fellas, geeks, the quiet and the loud, boho babes and couples madly in love with each other who like to go against the rule book. 

If you’re wildly in love and all about marrying your best friend, don't mind getting your shoes dirty or running barefoot, dancing in the sunset, windswept moments, don’t care for stuffy posed photos, like having the craic and ready for throwing some shapes on the dance floor, I think we’ll have a blast, lets do this! 


Enough about us! Tell us about you!