A fun and Bright engagement at the MAC Belfast



The MAC Belfast


Colette and Adam are Actors and were actually living in London when they contacted me about photographing their wedding. Colette had messaged me first and told me of their plans to come back home and have a wedding in one of their favourite locations in Northern Ireland. A few days later I got a message from an old friend asking if by any chance his fiancé had contacted me... after a little sherlocking and back and forth we realised that yes his fiancé ( Colette ) had enquired! Knowing that I was going to get the chance to photograph an old friends wedding filled me with far too much excitement. 


Back in the day when I was a little am-dram kid I did a few shows with Adam but we had totally lost contact as shows ended and we grew up. This is where Adam & Colette's story actually began ( even if Colette doesn't remember it so well!!!), as teenagers these two star crossed lovers actually did a show together in the Lyric, many years later their paths crossed again but this time in The MAC, Belfast. From curtain up they hit it of and by the end of the run they were an item! They chose to have a pre wedding session while they were back in Belfast both performing in The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4.  With The MAC, Belfast being so integral to how they met and their career choices, it only seemed fitting to have the pre wedding shoot there and I have to say when couples choose a location that means so much to them it really does show on their faces! 


Now normally I'm a nature loving, epic scenery and skies kinda gal so I knew I had my work cut out shooting in the middle of Belfast with lots of architecture, straight lines and geometric patterns. I have to say The MAC, Belfast and surrounding cathedral quarter is so PERFECT for a couple session... I think it might actually be one of my favourite places to shoot now! The colours, shapes and angles make for some really interesting images and for Adam & Colette I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect to represent their fun, loving and bubbly personalities. 


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